(Solution) Nr507 Week 2: Open Forum Discussion

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As you are completing Part I of your disease process presentation, tell us about the etiology and risk factors of your assigned disease and what you feel is the role of the family nurse practitioner in preventing the occurrence of this disease.


In the year 2017, the percentage of the adult population with diabetes worldwide was estimated to be 9 percent, with the figure predicted to rise to about 10 percent (about 630 million diabetics) in the next two decades (The Statistics Portal, n.d.). In a similar report, in the year 2016, approximately 1.8 million diabetics died, with an estimated 430 million estimated to be living with diabetes. These statistics show diabetes to be a significant health problem and a severe disease burden among diabetics and in the healthcare setup. There exists a limited etiology of type 1 diabetes mellitus although to some extent environmental factors are mainly recognized. As Gutierrez, Gromada, and Sussel (2017) assert, environmental factors can interfere with the ability of the pancreatic beta cells in secreting insulin. Other probable causes of….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5