(Solution) Nr507 Week 5: Open Forum Discussion

This is a required, but not graded open forum. Please feel free to post questions related to content or assignments.  References are not required.

Describe the presentation you would expect to see in a three-month-old baby boy with pyloric stenosis.

  1. What is the etiology of pyloric stenosis?
  2. How does the pathophysiological process of pyloric stenosis lead to the signs and symptoms?
  3. What teaching would the FNP provide to the parents who are managing this infant at home?


As defined by Hernanz-Schulman (2018), pyloric stenosis is a rare condition commonly seen in infants and is characterized by the failure of food to enter the small intestines. A three-month-old baby with  pyloric stenosis presents symptoms of vomiting after feeding which may forceful vomiting or projectile vomiting; persistent hunger characterized by a need to eat shortly after vomiting; stomach contractions that appear like peristalsis rippling across the upper abdomen of the baby immediately after feeding but prior to vomiting; dehydration which may be characterized by baby’s cry without tears or being lethargic; changes in bowel movements such as constipation; and weight problems characterized by failure to gain weight and weight loss (Hernanz-Schulman, 2018).

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