(Solution) Nr508 week 2 discussion

Claudia is a 36-year-old mother of two G2P2, she recently delivered her last child 9 months ago, and has been using condoms for birth control for the last 7 months. Today she is requesting a more reliable birth control, she is not sure of her current pregnancy plans, however, she does not wish to discuss sterilization. No religious contraindications for treatment. Previous methods include condoms, and oral contraceptive pills. She thought about an IUD but is concerned her husband may feel it during intimacy.

PMH: positive for mild hypertension with first pregnancy, seasonal allergies.

Surgeries: Left inguinal hernia and tonsillectomy.

Family history: Mother HTN and Father colon CA both deceased

Social History: Denies tobacco use, wine one to two glasses a week, denies recreational drugs, exercises twice a week.

Drug allergies-Sulfa causes a rash. Current medications-MVI with Fe, Calcium chews, prn Allegra for allergies. Height 67 inches, weight 157 pounds, BP 110/75, P 70, R 16. PAP collected today, breast exam WNL, urine pregnancy negative.

Physical exam is normal.

  • What are your treatment goals for Claudia today?
  • What are two possible contraceptive methods for Claudia? Please give brief rationale for each.
  • Pick one method and list five (5) patient-centered teaching points for the method you chose today.
  • What would your contraceptive choice be if Claudia smoked 10-15 cigarettes per day? Explain your answer.


What are your treatment goals for Claudia today?

Based on the past medical history of Claudia, it can be argued that her main treatment goal is to provide an effective birth control method.  Another critical goal for Claudia is educating her on other birth control methods that she can use apart from the condom. By doing, it will be possible for her to have a deeper understanding of various birth control methods as well as how they work.

What are two possible contraceptive methods for Claudia? Please give a brief rationale for each.

One of the most effective birth control methods that should be taken into account by Claudia is the intrauterine devices especially copper UIDs. According to Brynhildsen (2014), this is a non-hormonal method of birth control that entails the use of flexible plastic that has copper around it.  It works through releasing ions in the uterus, therefore preventing pregnancy. Precisely, copper usually acts as spermicide within the uterus by increasing the levels of copper ions and white blood cells within the uterine and tubal fluids. Consequently, the mortality of the sperms is disrupted, which in turn render them unable to fertilize the egg (Hinderaker et al., 2015). Given the fact that copper IUD is non-hormonal, it cannot cause a hormonal imbalance on Claudia, which may come with various issues including weight gain.  Depo-Provera is another birth control method that can be considered by Claudia. This method…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $10