(Solution) NR512 Week 5: Knowledge Generation Through Nursing Informatics

In one of the reading assignments this week you reviewed advance nurse practitioner (APN) roles and the application of project management concepts, one of the major elements of NI, but new to most nurses. What type of application does this have for your practice?


In clinical settings, projects are typically carried out for the purpose of enhancing patient care as well as safety.  Taking this into account, as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (APN), it is critical to have a deep understanding of the concepts of project management as key components of the nursing informatics. According to Sipes (2016), project management entails the process of coordinating alongside directing a team in carrying out a wide range of programs and processes. The role of project management in nursing practice and overall health care cannot be overlooked. Precisely, project management usually impacts all aspects of nursing informatics competencies when it comes to delivering an organizing framework for projects and process while taking into account skills in design, planning, implementation, maintenance, and evaluation.  McGonigle and Mastrian (2018) have explained that some of the key roles that require competencies in project management include leadership,…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5