(Solution) NR512 Week 8: Reflection

Discuss how Course Outcomes were supported and met by the activities you have completed in this course. What changes did you note in your post-TANIC TIGER assessment from when you started this course in week 1?


As this class comes to an end, it is with no doubt that I have been equipped with various informatics skills, which will shape my nursing practice substantially.  Precisely, through completion of assignments and projects such as e-portfolio and virtual learning, I have been able to integrate informatics into practice.  Prior to starting class, my knowledge of nursing informatics was scanty. Nevertheless, presently, I feel sufficiently endowed with a wide range of skills in nursing informatics.  My selected health topic in this course was telehealth. By exploring this topic, I have come to understand that the role of telehealth in increasing access to primary care cannot be overlooked. With telehealth, patients can conveniently access healthcare services remotely at the comfort of their homes, offices, and schools among others. Besides, telehealth makes it possible for patients to have a cheaper alternative to primary care as they do not need to travel in order to meet the providers. However, I have…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5