Solution) NR524 Week 6: Scholarly Discussion- Systematic Evaluation Plan (Graded)

This discussion has two options: one for the academic nurse educator and the other for the nursing professional development specialist. Please respond to the appropriate discussion for your chosen role.

Academic Nurse Educator

Your school is getting closer to the reaccreditation visit, and you are hearing a lot about the systematic evaluation plan. What are the components of the systematic evaluation plan? How is it used to assure that the needs of the school’s stakeholders are met? Why should faculty be involved in its development?

Nursing Professional Development Specialist

Your facility is preparing for Magnet Designation. What are the components of the Magnet program? How are they used to assure that the needs of the facility’s stakeholders are met? Why should nursing professional development specialists be involved in its development?


A systematic evaluation plan is similar to a blueprint in the construction of a building. It is used as a guiding document, which is used to organize, plan, and track evaluation activities. According to Hammer and Bentley (2003), a systematic evaluation plan is defined as a focused, philosophically driven, and realistic analysis of data of interest to the students, employers, and faculty. The analyzed data is designed to promote program improvement. Overall, the plan is effective in identifying how elements in an educational program interact; whether the program is effective in realizing the set objectives, mission, and vision; and identifies resources needed to enhance the effectiveness and quality of the program.

An effective systematic evaluation plan should be comprehensive. Therefore, it should include a…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5