(Solution) Nr531 Week 3: Shared Governance and the Magnet Model

Describe the nursing care delivery model used at your current or previous employer. Would you utilize this model at SLMC? Discuss current interprofessional collaboration and how you would encourage collaborative efforts. Does the model support the person-centred nursing framework by McCormack and McCance (2017)? Explain your rationale for choosing to use or not use the person-centred nursing framework.


Nursing care delivery models vary from conventional models like primary care and team nursing to contemporary and emerging models such as the magnet model, shared governance and progressive patient care models. According to Cameron (2017), whilst choosing the optimal model for applications, organizations consider economic status, staff availability, patient needs etc. in the current health care work place, the model utilized is the progressive patient-centered care. This model places patients in units depending on the degree of care they need rather than on medical specialty. It focuses on the patients’ illness as the individuals patient needs are critically met regardless of the patients’ medical specialty. It involves the aspects of intensive care unit for patients that are critically ill, self care units for patients requiring diagnosis, intermediate care….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5