(Solution) Nr531 Week 4: Theory Utilization in Management

In the last week, five of your direct-report nurse managers have stopped by your office, frustrated and angry. Their comments included, “I used to love my job, but now I am tired of working with incompetent people,” “I am sick of having to call for supplies that should be automatically stocked on my unit,” and “Working here is no longer fun.” Using motivational theory, discuss your strategies, as the nurse executive, for creating a motivating climate and atmosphere that supports a more positive work environment and that could be implemented fairly quickly


The development and success of health care organizations is highly influenced by the employees’ motivation, effort, behavior and innovation. As argued by Quested, Ntoumanis, Thøgersen-Ntoumani, Hagger and Hancox (2017), it is important for health care leadership to take into consideration the physical aspects related to freedom, coherence, support, challenge and threats within the workplace as well as the impact of status quo for creation and sustenance of a motivating climate and atmosphere. Further, it is essential to recognize aspects of social atmosphere such interaction among the staff, employee participation, procedural justice and knowledge dissemination. Motivational theory plays a fundamental role in enhancing a motivational atmosphere within health care setting. As a nurse executive, this theory can facilitate the propensity to productively create and sustain suitable environment for employees to…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5