(Solution) Nr531 Week 6: Importance of Socialization in Team Building

You recently hired a new member to your SLMC team. During her 6-week orientation, you discovered Kim had excellent clinical skills, but her therapeutic communication skills were inferior compared to the rest of your team. She is now working on her own, and some staff and patient complaints have been reported to you regarding her poor communication skills. As the nurse administrator, discuss your next steps for this situation and your rationale. Outline a plan to review with Kim to resocialize her to her role and make her feel like a valued part of your team.


The team members’ feelings regarding co-workers substantially affect their task accomplishment and performance. Positive relationship amongst team members creates productive organizations and as a nurse administrator in SLMC, it is crucial to build and enhance positive team relationships in order to facilitate the group to meet their objectives and work in collaboration as a cohesive unit (Bissola, Imperatori, & Colonel, 2014). In addressing Kim’s situation, I will primarily talk to her at personal levels and in non-judgmental approaches to establish the reasons why she does not like to interact with the team members. According to National Research Council (2015), establishing the causes of an issue is a key step to building productive resolutions. I will communicate to Kim that the team expects and are eager to become aware of her talents and skills. Further, I will sensitize….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5