(Solution) Nr531 Week 7: Quality Management and Control

SLMC has a continuous commitment to delivering the highest quality care by addressing crucial issues, such as patient safety, technology, and expanding services to meet community needs. As the nurse administrator, you determine an audit of elderly patient readmissions would be helpful data to be gathered. Discuss some of the specific information you would include on this tool and how specifically you would proceed with this project and your rationale for including them in the tool. Whom would collect the data?

After reading about Deming’s 14 Total Quality Management principles, state one management principle you would apply to assist in delivering the highest quality care?


Quality control is a critical aspect in healthcare. It begins with being patient-centric then goes on to adapt and implement standards and tools appropriate for quality audit. According to Carayon et al. (2014), it is paramount for all healthcare stakeholders to understand the significance of quality control and for healthcare systems to implement, adhere and adapt to quality control systems, standards and processes in order to ascertain the patient needs are well addressed. Healthcare quality measures include but not limited to patient safety management, quality of care delivery and medical providers’ performance (Taylor, McNicholas, Nicolay, Darzi, Bell, & Reed, 2014). Taking this into account, in determining the quality audit regarding elderly patients’ readmission, it is climacteric to measure the quality of care delivered, the safety levels and the….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5