(Solution) Nr532 Week 3: Evidence-Based Strategic Planning

Restate the opportunity or threat chosen in discussion one. Discuss how your role as the nurse leader may influence the opportunity or threat. Explain your rationale.


A major threat that may affect the nursing practice is an organization operating in a diverse society based on the aspects of race, age, and first nations. Challenge related to this threat is a poor interaction between the nursing practitioners and the society which is centered on issues such as language barrier, technological challenges, and cultural specificity (Pahwa et al., 2015). Healthcare organizations are therefore prompted to understand these differences and develop strategic plans to respond to the differences. This promotes the relationship between the healthcare practitioners and the community which is related to quality and safety in patient outcome. Failure to address this threat may affect the competitive advantage of the medical facility which negatively impacts its profits and may in worst situations result in the closure of the organization.

My role as a nurse leader to influence the above threat is based on developing competence among the nursing practitioners with regards to addressing all patients…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5