(Solution) Nr532 Week 4: Patient Safety

Identify a patient-safety issue at your current or previous organization. Share your plan to prevent or eliminate the issue.


A patient safety issue that I experienced involved nursing shortage which was also related to fatigue, burnout, and restlessness among the present healthcare providers especially when there was an increase in the number of patients. This issue affected the safety of patients as reflected in medication errors and negligence although these aspects were not intentional (Whitehead & Myers, 2016). For instance, there was an instance where a single nurse was required to attend 43 patients in the mental care unit since one had already left at the end of her 12-hour shift and the other was required to assist in the emergency department. To the mental patients, the majority had their own and different requirements, and the nurse rarely took a rest as she addressed only the urgent cases. As a result, she forgot administering medicine to three individuals in time which according to the patients was negligence.

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