(Solution) Nr532 Week 5: Legal and Ethical Issues

A nurse gives the wrong dose of medication to a patient. Discuss the components of professional negligence related to this incident.


The Professional Nursing Practice Standards are authoritative statements regarding the expected mandates of every registered nurse regardless of population, role or specialty. Lenk and Duttge (2014) state that, as the nursing professional dynamics continue to advance and evolve, the nursing standards equally change and therefore, it is crucial for nurses to keep updated on the standards, ethical and legal guidelines and legal implications influencing their practice. In the event a medical provider breaches the standards, the affected patient has a right to sue the medical provider for medical malpractice. Any medical provider who improperly prescribes medication to patients is held liable and such malpractice is punishable by court of law. Taking this into account, professional negligence entails the ignorance of the legal and ethical considerations whilst providing care and services to patients (Darrow, Sarpatwari, Avorn, and…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5