(Solution) Nr532 Week 6: Meaningful Use of Technology

Discuss one example where simulation technology could be beneficial for nursing. Explain your rationale.


Simulation is highly essential in education and training of novice nursing student in order to build and develop skills necessary for practicing in real clinical setting. Following the rise in medical errors within US which have led to increased morality and mortality rates, nurses and other medical providers are under strict scrutiny to provide safe and effective care to patients. The increasing pressure within nursing education to produce high quality and capable graduates has led to implementation of simulation learning as a strategy for prevention of clinical errors. Simulation builds the novice practitioner’s crisis management, critical thinking and decision making capabilities particularly when new and dangerous tools and procedures are presented. In the contemporary times, the introduction of human-patient simulation has provided the learners with the propensity to develop, to refine and integrate….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5