(Solution) Nr532 Week 7: Quality of Healthcare

In the state (California) where you reside, explore and share with your peers any mandated nursing staff ratios. Would you recommend any changes? Please explain your rationale


Some of the mandated nursing ratios in California are as follows:

Type of Care RN to Patient Ration
Critical  Care/ Unit 1: 2
Neonatal ICU 1: 2
Labor &  Delivery 1: 2 (active labor)
Antepartum 1: 4 (non-active labor)
Medical/ Surgical 1: 5


The mandated nursing ratios have improved the overall productivity of healthcare in California State. According to Olley, Edwards, Avery, and Cooper (2018), poor nurse and patient outcomes such as job dissatisfaction, staff burnout, fatigue, pro-longed hospital stay, healthcare-related complications and mortality result from low registered nurse to patient ratios. As such, it is important for policies and guidelines to be set and adhered to for enhancement of patient and nurse outcomes. As seen in California mandated ratios, these rations ensure that patients do not………..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5