(Solution) Nr532 Week 7: Staffing

Some organizations utilize centralized staffing while others utilize decentralized staffing. Choose either centralize or decentralized staffing and discuss the advantages and disadvantages


The contemporary staffing trends within the healthcare sector include significant emphasis on quality improvements, patient centered care, cost-effectiveness in care provision, integration of new technologies and adherence to current designs for promotion of safe, healing and sustainable environments for both staff and patients. As such, in my opinion, decentralized staff is more productive to enhancement of the healthcare sector. As defined by Winchester, and King (2018), decentralized staffing is an arrangement that allows a diversity of transfer of power and the systems of accountability. The policies within decentralization range from the movement of constrained powers to lower-level management power within the contemporary structures and mechanisms of healthcare management. The advantages of decentralized staffing include its ability to foster staff collaboration and accessibility. This…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5