(Solution) Nr533 Week 1: Introduction: Self and Project

Because you have been in the program for a while now, you have had many opportunities to get to know others in the group fairly well. For this introduction, we’re going to shift gears a bit. During this course you will be relating many of your discussions and assignments to the project proposal you created in NR505. Please introduce yourself to the class and instructor and include the following information.

Describe the type of facility by which you are employed.

Your current position and for how long

Your prior experience in financial management

Share the PICO(T) you developed in NR505 and/or the one you will be using in your final project.

What led you to choose this issue/topic?


I am a registered nurse currently working for Kaiser Permanente at Urgent Care as a Charge nurse. My responsibilities include supervising, managing and supporting the nursing staff, providing administrative support and delivering patient care. I have worked for this department for a period of two and half years where I have gained substantial skills, knowledge and experience regarding clinical practices and nurse leadership. These skills, as depicted by Admi and Eilon-Moshe (2016) and MacKinnon (2015) are considered pertinent when it comes to enhancing effective service delivery. Before I joined this healthcare facility, I had no experience in the field of financial management. However, with time following the interactions with the finance department in organization availability of needed financial resources and in development of my project, I have been enlightened on essential concepts. My project topic that I intend to….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5