(Solution) Nr533 Week 2 Touchpoint Reflection: Reimbursement Issues

Guidelines for Touchpoint Reflections

A downloadable version of the guidelines, which includes further information, is available for access on the Course Resources page.

Reflection Information


Consider the data collected in Week 1 about your institution’s payer mix, delivery system, population demographics, and this week’s discussion on value- and volume-based reimbursements


Describe how these factors coalesce to influence the financing of the type and quality of care provided at your institution. What are the implications on access and availability of types of care provided at your institution?


How is your proposed project affected by the information you’ve gathered about your facility?

What adjustments might you have to make in your proposal because of the information gathered?


The healthcare sector has encountered a longstanding interest regarding how the type and amount of payment to healthcare facilities and the practitioners influence the type, amount and quality of patient care and ultimately, the healthcare costs to individual patients, insurers, employers and governments (Catanzano, Hutzler, & Bosco, 2016). Within my institution, population demographics play a considerable role in determination of the proportion our system is reimbursed through private insurance, out-of-pocket payments or government agencies such as Medicaid or Medicare. In the endeavor to target the all patient populations, the institution has established numerous branches and has instituted a mix of short- and long term solutions for the achievement of the appropriate payer mix. Within the payer mix, the patient proportion covered with private insurance are the main drivers of the healthcare’s……………Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5