(Solution) Nr533 Week 5: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Consider your PICO(T) and the proposal for your final project. When you think of it as a type of new program development, what specific information will you need to obtain to create the cost-benefit analysis as part of your business plan for the project?


My project picot is; For nurses in a healthcare setting (P), does working 12-hour shift (I) as compared to 8-hour shift (C) lead to saving more of the company’s money (O) over a period of 2 months (T). Many healthcare organizations, including Keiser Permanent, have shifted from 8 hour shift to 12 hour shift to maximize staffing and reduce costs. This has impacted various changes within the healthcare which I intend to identify in my project. According to Roy (2017), Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), is very crucial in project as it facilitates in financial decision making. In this connection, this CBA will take into account adding the benefits of the nursing shifts and providing a comparison with the costs associated with each of the shifts. The payback period in this case will be two months which will be the period…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5