(Solution) Nr534 Week 2: Decision Making: Formal and Informal

Organizations have many task forces, councils, and committees that are designed to contribute to the success of the organization and improve its function.

Describe one of these groups, discussing the formal and informal leadership, how decisions are made, and what the role of those that are most influential have on the final product or outcome of the group’s efforts.


In an organizational setting, committees are generally composed of independent organized individuals who come together to accomplish a common specific purpose. According to Hurtle, Walz, Zucker, and Boyle (2017), these committees help an organization to collect input from the organization’s members while providing them with a sense of involvement in the organization’s affairs. Additionally, the organization’s committee provides a healthy platform for other cross-functional groups to operate.

In a healthcare organization, the role of the committee is growing in both productivity and performance. In these organizations, committees play a very significant role in planning and formulating strategies involved in enforcing organization’s program operations. As a result, the needs of these institutions have been adequately met through balancing organizations’ resource allocation and the prevailing healthcare requirements. In a committee, there exist two distinct forms of leadership. These are the informal and the formal leadership that influences differently……………..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5