(Solution) Nr534 Week 2: Identify Organizational Structure and Function

Think of a healthcare organization that you are most familiar with and think of its organizational structure. Describe this structure or use of combinations of structure (line, matrix, service line, ad hoc, or flat).

Give an example of how decision making occurs and identify if this is centralized or decentralized. Is this best practice?


Healthcare organizations are usually shaped by structures that assist them to streamline their operations. According to Karell (2018), organizational structures are systems that organizations apply to describe their hierarchy within an organization and how these structures are developed to meet the goals of that organization. In the American healthcare landscape, an organizational structure greatly varies depending on their environment, organizational size, technology, as well as strategy.

UnitedHealth Group represents one of the many healthcare organizations that is highly propped on an organizational structure. This organization is based on a functional organizational structure that assists the company to manage and execute their healthcare operations (Borkowski, 2015). The institution organizes its activities around various segments of specializations including planning, consumer experience, client relations, and operational strategy among others…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5