(Solution) Nr534 Week 3: Change Model Application

The Kotter change model guides change agents through an eight-step process to facilitate change. Consider a recent organizational change with which you are familiar and apply the Kotter change model. Consider each step of the model and how the organizational change did or did not complete each step. Discuss how well or poorly one of these steps was completed. Did this change meet the outcome expectations by creating a positive change?


The Kotter change model also known as the Kotters 8 Step Process is a framework that assists an organization’s administration to deal with any aspect of transformational change. According to Tanner (2018), the model consists of eight distinct overlapping steps that are geared towards implementing a climate for change, engaging an organization in its overall operations, and implementing and sustaining institutional change. Thus, as Webster and Webster (2018) assert, the model can be viewed as an implementation structure that enables organizations to improve its chances of success. One of the organizational changes that conveniently apply the model is the adoption of an Electronic Health Record, (EHR), a new technology that revolutionalizes healthcare activities. The creation of a sense of urgency forms the first step of the Kotter change model. In the organization’s setup, the step was adequately executed through promoting…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5