(Solution) Nr534 Week 5: Ineffective Communication

Think of a situation in which you were a part of or witnessed ineffective communication between a nurse and a nursing leader or manager. What form of communication was used? What was the nature of the issue or situation? Describe the tone and pace of the interaction. What would have made this communication more effective?


Effective communication forms a significant hallmark especially among the staff in fostering a positive healthcare experience. According to Norouzinia et al. (2015), effective communication is a vital element in promoting satisfaction among staff and patients. Successful communication can enhance the relationship between medical staff and the administration, a factor that highly influences service delivery and quality outcomes (Foronda, MacWilliams, & McArthur, 2016). In my healthcare institution, I once experienced ineffective communication between a nurse and a nursing leader. In this context, the form of communication that was used was formal information at first, but as the conversation advanced, it gradually drifted to a verbal communication. From the conversation, it was evident that the subject of the argument was concerning shift woes. The nurse was complaining about the shift schedule since it seemed to have been inappropriately adjusted against the nurse expectation…..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5