(Solution) Nr534 Week 8: Managing Quality to Promote Cost Effectiveness and Value-added Practices

Nursing leaders understand that to determine the level of success of an activity there must be opportunities to measure, analyze, and evaluate activity-based data. Consider a current National Patient Safety Goal or Institute for Healthcare Improvement care bundle. What professional and organizational standards are met by these initiatives? How is the performance of staff related to these initiatives measured? Who analyzes them? Explain how the nursing staff is enabled and encouraged to maintain these standards that improve quality care


Improving care and safety remains a top priority for healthcare institutions and organizations throughout their operations. According to Ulrich and Kear (2014), there has been increased focus regarding the value of healthcare, performance, and outcomes as reflected in patient safety and care. One such focus is manifested through the National Patient Safety Goals Program (NPSG) in its activities towards care delivery. The NPSG primary standards revolve around fostering a good relationship between healthcare personnel and their patients (Mascioli & Carrico, 2016). For instance, the program is devoted to providing safety in medication use, patient-caregiver communication, and reducing risks concerning health-care-related infections. The program also centralizes on promoting surgical safety and in enhancing the safety of hospital alarm systems.

Healthcare staff performances greatly assist in the observance of the NPSG standards. There are available outlines that are purposely designed to aid staff to promote patient safety. The….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5