(Solution) NR535 Week 1: Collaboration Cafe

Collaboration Cafe: Role of the Nurse Educator (graded)

During Week One, our lesson focused on the role of the nurse educator and related requirements for practice. Based upon this week’s learning activities, readings, and Dr. Billings’ webinar, respond to the following:

  • Share your goals for future practice in either nursing professional development or academic nursing education.
  • As you consider this future role, what supports and resources are necessary to position you for success?
  • What steps will you take to assure the necessary supports and resources that will be needed?
  • What barriers do you anticipate along the journey, and how might you address those challenges?


Goals for future practice

My MSN specialty is a nurse educator. I have clear goals concerning my nursing professional development and academic nursing education. My goal as a nurse educator is to make a tangible impact on new graduate nurses and promote nursing staff growth, development, and education. I would like to be highly influential within the nursing academic field particularly by assuming a position as an educator in nursing programs. For instance, I plan on becoming a faculty instructor so that I can help nursing students in building their knowledge and skills in nursing. This will be a huge step towards the realization of my goal to facilitate future nurses’ education and improve their ability to deliver quality and safe care to patients. I also plan on working to become a Director of Nursing Education (DNE) in a clinical organization to use the position to establish…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5