(Solution) NR535 Week 4: Collaboration Café

Collaboration Cafe: Teaching in a Clinical Environment (graded)

During Week Four, content centers on teaching and learning in the clinical environment and the impact of cultural humility. Strategies for effective teaching and learning in the clinical environment are essential for nursing education in both academic and professional development roles. Reflect upon learning from this week’s lesson and respond to the following:

  • Develop a short case scenario involving a nurse educator who is teaching in the clinical environment as part of their academic or professional development role.
  • Within the case scenario, describe two instructional strategies used to facilitate learning within the clinical environment, and how each strategy effectively supports learning.
  • Within the case scenario, describe one specific example of the nurse educator practicing cultural humility and the impact of those actions.
  • Discuss how competency with clinical teaching – learning strategies and cultural humility will be important for your success as a nurse educator.


Case scenario: A teacher is teaching nursing students in an academic setting about leadership styles. She presents the styles in a PowerPoint presentation, explaining what they are, their strengths, weaknesses, and application. Afterward, she groups the students in small discussion groups made up of students from different backgrounds, each to discuss and contrast two leadership styles they have observed in their lives.

The teacher uses lectures with PPT and a small group instructional style. The lecture with PPT helps pass knowledge to the students, increases visual impact and audience focus, and helps share information in an organized manner (Hooper et al., 2016). Small groups allow for interactive learning, improves students’ high-level reasoning and critical thinking, deeper understanding of the material learning, and allows the students to view situations from their peers’ perspectives (Oermann et al., 2018). ……..Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5