Solution) NR535 Week 7: Case Study: Academic Integrity – Part 2

Week 7: Case Study: Academic Integrity – Part 2

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for learners to:

  • articulate key questions to be asked in a grievance;
  • review an academic integrity policy; and
  • determine a decision in a grievance process.

Course Outcome

CO 5: Examine professional ethical legal values in the role of the nurse educator. (PO 4)

Due Date

Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 7

Total Points Possible: 50 (Each part is worth 50 points for an assignment total of 100)


The Case Study has two parts. Each part of the Case Study will open and close on specific days of the week. There are to be a minimum of four total posts in this case study. For both Part I and Part II there is to be an initial post and a peer response. Each part has unique content requirements, and these are noted below.

Case Study: Part II

Part II opens on Thursday of the week and close on Sunday of the week. In this part of the case study, you are to review a minimum of one academic policy for plagiarism from any nursing program. Once you have presented the policy and identified 3 key points related to this case, then you must determine a decision in the case. Note: To complete this part of the case study, please search for an academic integrity policy from any nursing program and use it in your discussion. Provide the web address of the policy and school. Additional details regarding the Case Study: Part II are noted in the Process section.


Case Study: Part II

Part II will open on Thursday of the week and closes on Sunday of the week.

  • Requires an initial posting and a peer response
  • The content of the initial posting must include the following elements:
    • Presentation of one policy regarding plagiarism from any nursing program located in a college or university.
    • Identification of 3 key points related to this case study.
    • Summarize the entire situation regarding Larry Learner.
    • Summarize the entire situation regarding Eddie Educator.
    • Determine a decision for this case study.

The following information was determined during the committee meeting and you should consider this information in your 3 key points.

  • At the grievance hearing, Larry tells the committee that the faculty member who accused him of plagiarism is much younger and seems to be trying to “make a name for himself.” Larry told the faculty member that he has never had another faculty member identify plagiarism in his work.
  • Upon interviewing Larry Learner and Eddie Educator the committee discovers the following information:
    • Larry Learner admits he did not review the plagiarism policy but did sign the contract saying he will adhere to all policies.
    • Eddie Educator tells the committee that Larry had an issue with APA in an earlier assignment and was directed to see the writing tutor for help.
    • In an interview with Terri Tutor, she tells you that Larry never kept his appointment
    • Upon request, Eddie Educator presents both assignments to the committee for review. In the first assignment, the plagiarism detection program similarity score was 35%. In the second assignment, the plagiarism detection program similarity score was 37%.

Next Steps

  • The committee’s next step is to consider all the information and apply the policy for plagiarism (use the policy that you found).
  • Present the policy and identify three key points useful to this case.
  • A summary of the case study considering Larry Learner and Eddie Educator is required. Lastly, determine a decision for this case (i.e. will you uphold the expulsion or impose a different sanction).


One policy related to plagiarism in Chamberlain University is:

Students admit that by pursuing a course, every required discussion, paper, and other written assignments/ activities may be submitted for plagiarism check to anti-plagiarism software e.g. Turnitin to detect plagiarism. The use of these anti-plagiarism software follows set terms and conditions (Chamberlain University College of Nursing Student Handbook, 2021). The three key points related to the study include:

Detection of plagiarism through Turnitin software

The use of anti-plagiarism software is guided by Terms and Conditions which one must read and accept.

The students acknowledge that all their written works are subject to submission for plagiarism check.

Regarding Larry the learner, being a student, Larry acknowledges that all his work may be submitted for plagiarism check. He should ensure that he writes only original work without copy-pasting or using other people’s ideas without proper acknowledgment. Larry should also read and accept the terms and conditions in the policy and the anti-plagiarism software, which makes him liable in case of plagiarism.

Regarding the Eddie educator, he should ensure that all students adhere to the plagiarism policy by reminding them about it, teaching them how to avoid plagiarism, and having them submit their work to anti-plagiarism software….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $10