(Solution) NR537 Week 1: Collaboration Café

A novice educator expresses to the mentor that he is disappointed to be appointed to the Evaluation Committee because the work never leads to any changes. What would be an appropriate conversation between the mentor and novice educator?


The appropriate conversation between the mentor and the novice educator would be to discuss the reasons behind the educator’s belief that the evaluation committee does not bring any change, the importance of the evaluation committee, and strategies that the educator may apply to ensure that the committee brings forth the desired changes. It is discouraging for the novice educator to be appointed to a committee that he beliefs never leads to any changes. He might feel that his efforts may be for nothing. As the mentor, understanding the reasons why he beliefs it never leads to change is the first step to understanding the novice educator’s concerns about the committee. From there, solutions and strategies to address the issues within the committee. For instance, failure to cause change may be due to lack of resources and time and thus, the educator….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5