(Solution) NR537 Week 3: Collaboration Café

A peer nurse educator states that he would never use a test blueprint, because it makes the test too easy for the learner because the learner would know how many questions would come from each content area. Decide if you agree or disagree with this statement, and then present a rationale for your viewpoint regarding test blueprints.


I disagree with a peer nurse educator, considering the many benefits of using a test blueprint. Before setting any test questions, educators should develop a test blue print. As described by Abdellatif and Al-Shahrani (2019), a test blue print is a chart identifying the number of questions that will be included in the examination for each area of content and level learning objective. A blueprint is important for many reasons. To begin with, it allows the educator to confirm that the examination will cover all the identified topics, skills, and course outcomes. The test blueprint should be shared with the learners to help them know the number and level of questions from a content area. I understand the nurse educator’s concern is that a blueprint will make the exam too easy for the learners, however, sharing the blueprint is more about making the process of…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5