(Solution) NR537 Week 7: Scholarly Discussion: Learner’s Behavior

One of your learners asks to speak to you privately about a concern. Upon entering your office and providing for privacy, the learner slowly and then more forcibly begins to speak. She tells you that she is considering filing a formal grievance against you for age discrimination. During the last formative evaluation conference, you identified concerns in the areas of

(a) patient safety; and

(b) application of knowledge related to medications.

The learner identifies that after several intense conversations with peers, she believes that you are discriminating due to age. The learner then identifies how the concerns related to patient safety and application of knowledge are due to your biased misperceptions. Select a learning environment (nursing professional development or academic), and provide information on how you would first respond to the learner in your office and then what responses would be appropriate at a later time.


This situation can be challenging especially when the educator is not prepared for such an accusation. At the office, my first response would be to thank the learner for choosing to talk to me about his concerns, and then I would actively listen to him present his grievances. I would engage the learner in a conversation while taking note of the situations or events that led to him believing that I would be biased and discriminated against him. Afterward, I would promise to review his grievances and take the necessary action to address them. Listening before jumping to conclusions or problem-solving mode would help assure the learner that his complaints have been heard and will be handled (Staats, 2016). The mere fact that the learner was able to approach the educator about the situation means that the educator is approachable.  A problem…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5