(Solution) NR537 Week 8: Collaboration Café

A novice educator has completed presenting a new course for the first time. It is now time to review the evaluations submitted by the participants. From the 20 participants, 8 submitted the standardized evaluation form. Despite 4 of the participants rating the educator highly, there was one individual who was very critical of the content as well as the presentation. This participant noted that the educator mispronounced several words, that a major concept was not explained correctly, and that the educator’s constant hand movements were very distracting. As the mentor to the educator, what suggestions would you provide to the novice educator?


End-of-course survey are important to review not only the course but also the educator. The main aspects of interest include the educators’ knowledge, skill, enthusiasm, and experience for the subject matter, teaching methods, and assessment techniques. This week’s collaboration café focuses in educator assessment in which one of the learners was critical of content and presentation and noted that the educator mispronounced some words, did not explain a major concept correctly, and that his hand movement was distracting. As the educator’s mentor, I would start by informing him of these evaluations. I would ask about his opinion on them and whether he has some strategies he thinks can help him improve his teaching. The strategies I…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5