(Solution) NR631 Week 3: Change theory in project management

Read the Mitchell (2013) article listed in the required reading list. Leading change is an important part of successful project execution and implementation. The nurse leader and project manager should be intimately familiar with a particular change theory that serves as the framework for leading the change represented by a project. Identify your “go-to” change leadership framework and discuss how you will use that framework to guide organizational change.


There is a plethora of ways of implementing changes in healthcare organizations. However, a planned, calculated, purposeful, and collaborative effort is highly fundamental to bring about change within an organization (Szabla, 2017). According to Mitchell (2013), planned change in nursing is highly pivotal in nursing but encounters many challenges such as resistance from the stakeholders. It is important for change managers to understand and use a change framework to help in increasing the possibility of success. One change model that can be used is Ronald Lippitt’s model which was developed in 1958. Lippit’s model is made up of seven steps that are founded on the integration of external change agents into the change plan to produce the change as required. As described by Szabla (2017), the first step is problem diagnosis and analysis which scrutinizes the change’s realization degree. The second step involves assessment of the…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5