(Solution) NR631 Week 6 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Gantt Chart


The process of project management has five phases:(1) design and initiation, which you just completed;(2) finalizing your plan before implementation, which you will do now; (3) implementation;(4) monitor and control; and finally, (5) evaluation and lessons learned (as well as knowledge transfer).


During Phase 2 (finalizing the project plan), you will continue to create the tools and documents you will need when you implement your project as the project manager in Phase 3.


Week 4: Communications Plan

Week5: Deliverables and Critical SuccessFactors (CSFs)

Week6:WorkBreakdown Structure(WBS) andGanttChart

Week7:RiskManagementandHumanResource Management Plans



In thisassignment, you will define and document the project’s tasks and deliverables and the relationships among each. You will develop the workbreakdown structure (WBS) and project timelines using a Gantt chart.

The WBS identifies the project’s tasks that need to be completed by priority and flows into, then facilitates, project scheduling. This breakdown helps the project team identify all tasks needed to getthe work done and the resources necessary to complete it. This framework allows you to assign tasks to individual team members, making them accountable for those tasks in the process. It is important that all tasks be identified and broken down, because project delays or even failure frequently result from forgotten or overlooked tasks rather than imprecise guesstimates.

The Gantt chart, named after Henry Gantt, clearly shows the start and completion dates for all major project activities and subtasks. The Gantt chart is straightforward, easy to understand, and simple to change. It provides a snapshot of the project, and one can immediately identify task durations and distinguish tasks that depend on other tasks being completed before they are started. Understanding all dependencies is critical for the project manager, who is ultimately responsible for time, budgets, and resource allocation.

To assist you, there is a PowerPoint file demonstrating a two possible WBS formats and a WBS checklist, above.  A click-by-click tutorial for developing the Gantt chart using Excel can be found in the week 6 lesson content.

Due Date: Sundayat 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 6.

Total Points Possible: 50


  1. Complete the WBS and Gantt chart documents. Attach documents as appendices to a professionally written paper explaining what you are doing.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing and APA format as expressed in the sixth edition


WBS and Gantt Chart

            The aim of this paper is to develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) and Gantt Chart for activities and tasks involved with the implementation of a comprehensive discharge plan for the reduction of 30-days readmission rates among congestive heart failure (CHF) patients by 10% within a period of 12 months.


A WBS has been defined by Zecheru and Olaru (2016) as the hierarchical list used to define the key aspects of a project. It decomposes a complex project into smaller manageable tasks. The WBS is made up of well-organized task lists. The key advantage of WBS is that it is hierarchical and constructed in a manner that allows for a concise and logical classification of a project’s activities and deliverables. In this regard, the WBS will be used to represent the work identified in the project scope statement in week 2. More so, it will serve as a basis for the development of an effective schedule and cost estimation. The main goals of the WBS in this project include (1) to proactive and logical planning out of the project since its initiation to its completion, (2) to gather information regarding work that need to be completed for a project and, (3) to organize activities into smaller and manageable elements that will allow for effective attainment of project objectives (Tonchia, 2018).

The first key activity of the project will be a feasibility study which will include project scope and project objectives. The project objectives will further be decomposed to include patient profile, nurse profile, and data management. The second main activity will be the managerial process which will include assumptions, dependencies, constraints, risk…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $10