(Solution) NR632 Week 2: Time/Schedule, Cost, Quality

hoose any two:

  • Time/schedule
  • Cost
  • Quality

In project management, you will read about and experience what is often referred to as the “triple constraint triangle.” We introduced it in an earlier lesson in NR631. The idea is that, with any project, you can really only achieve two sides of the triangle. Share your thoughts on that concept and then share which side of the triangle poses the greatest threat of constraint for your project.


The triple constraint theory is the project management triangle. Each triangle’s side represents the project scope, time, and cost. The scope is the extent range of work to be completed in a project. It entails the sum of all the products and services offered, describing what is been done, and how much of it. Time is the period needed to complete the project tasks and the project itself. Cost is the resources (financial, human, etc.), needed for the project. It may include labor costs, software, hardware, etc. (Pollack et al., 2018). This triangle does not merely exist for us to recall the list of the project’s scope, cost, and time. These three factors are inextricably connected as there is a give and take relationship between them. The Triple Constraint dictates that making…..Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5