(Solution) NR632 Week 3: Cultural Humility

Cultural diversity—along with the currently popular concept cultural humility—is an evidence-based concept that has evolved over time and is a priority among professional organizations and accrediting bodies. In most instances when your institution, team, or program is reviewed, you’ll be asked some questions about these concepts. As you think about your project, share how you see your project being sensitive to cultural diversity or cultural humility in your organization or target population. Apply evidence-based best practices for cultural diversity, cultural humility, and inclusion to your project.


Cultural humility is highly important in nursing practice, considering the diverse cultures within the patient and provider population. In implementing evidence-based practice (EBP), healthcare providers should take into account the different religions, socio-economic factors, educational factors, cultural beliefs, and values, etc. Nurses must have cultural competence which is characterized by cultural awareness, cultural skill, cultural encounters, cultural knowledge, and cultural desires (Abdul-Raheem, 2018). My evidence-based project is about the implementation of meditation programs to alleviate nurse burnout and fatigue, particularly emergency unit nurses. Cultural diversity and humility will be integrated into this project by ensuring the…..Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5