(Solution) NR632 Week 4: Advocacy

When we think of advocacy, many nurses think about how they advocate for their patients and/or families. Or you may think of situations where you advocate for a colleague, direct report, or team. Those are all legitimate aspects of advocacy and important for nurses. You’ve probably heard an instructor or mentor say that in aspiring to executive-level leadership, a transition occurs in your outlook. Your view expands exponentially as you become responsible for many teams and sometimes an entire organization. For this week’s discussion about advocacy, think about a policy, cause, or large-scale issue for which you are, or can become, an advocate or champion. As you look at successful nurse leaders and executives, you’ll very likely find that they are involved in some cause such as breast cancer research, childhood obesity, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, or the heroin epidemic, and so on. In your growth toward senior levels of leadership, begin to think about where and how you will be involved as an advocate or champion.


Among the major roles of nurses is advocacy. Thinking about advocacy, I would be involved in advocating for patients who suffer from substance abuse by participating or leading the implementation and adoption of promotion to recovery interventions. As nurses, we are on the front line in fighting against substance abuse in our communities. Advocating for individuals with substance abuse problems includes fighting for the implementing of substance abuse programs, providing patients with information and resources needed to become more informed about substance abuse, implementing education programs in the community, working as a team in treatment and recovery programs, and encountering individuals recovering within their communities (Kalaitzidis & Jewell, 2020). According to Porter-OʼGrady (2018), nurses should remain up-to-date in substance use, abuse, and related concerns to provide these patients with….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5