(Solution) NURS 6002 Week 2 Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Part 2: Academic Resources and Strategies

New construction projects begin with a design phase, where architects blueprint the vision complete with design details. They work in collaboration with builders who use the designs to prepare the appropriate strategies, tools, and materials to bring the vision to reality. You are both architect and builder of your success. You have started to blueprint your vision in your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan. You have identified others with whom you will collaborate. Now you can begin to prepare the appropriate strategies, tools, and materials

How will you approach your studies? What types of resources are available to you, and how will you access and utilize them? Taking the opportunity to prepare these strategies, tools, and materials will help ensure you can “break ground” without incident and successfully move to the phase where you begin building your vision.

To Prepare:

  • Consider your goals for academic accomplishments while a student of the MSN program.
  • Reflect on the strategies presented in the Resources for this week.

The Assignment:

  • Clearly identify and accurately describe in detail at least three academic resources or strategies that can be applied to the MSN program.
  • Clearly identify and accurately describe in detail at least three professional resources that can be applied to success in the nursing practice in general or in a specialty.
  • Clearly and thoroughly explain in detail how you intend to use these resources, and how they might benefit you academically and professionally.

Note: Add your work for this Assignment to the original document you began in the Week 1 Assignment, which was built off the Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Template.


Academic Resources and Strategies

In this paper, the academic and professional resources/ strategies to apply in the MSN program to become successful in the nursing practice will be discussed. Also discussed is how the resources will be used and their academic and professional benefits discussed.

Academic Resources/ Strategies in the MSN Program

The academic resources and strategies to succeed in my MSN program include journaling, Walden library, and board review courses. The nursing research databases, e.g. Walden Library will offer me access to millions of articles, books, journals (peer and non-peer-reviewed), research thesis, among other scholarly works to build my knowledge and enrich my academic journey (Walden University, n.d.). The journals from the library will offer a wide range of peer-reviewed and scholarly articles to enhance my academic knowledge and skills. They will also build my knowledge and guide me in completing my projects, assignments, and course work. The board review course is a comprehensive, and examination-focused course that reviews the pertinent information needed for certification and/ or recertification exams (Bond, n.d).

Professional resources in Nursing Practice, General or Specialty

            The professional resources to apply in nursing practice include (i) professional nursing association (e.g. the American Nurse Association, State Nurse Association, American…..Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $10