(Solution) NURS 6053 Week 7 Discussion Workplace Environment Assessment

How healthy is your workplace?

You may think your current organization operates seamlessly, or you may feel it has many issues. You may experience or even observe things that give you pause. Yet, much as you wouldn’t try to determine the health of a patient through mere observation, you should not attempt to gauge the health of your work environment based on observation and opinion. Often, there are issues you perceive as problems that others do not; similarly, issues may run much deeper than leadership recognizes.

There are many factors and measures that may impact organizational health. Among these is civility. While an organization can institute policies designed to promote such things as civility, how can it be sure these are managed effectively? In this Discussion, you will examine the use of tools in measuring workplace civility.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources and examine the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory, found on page 20 of Clark (2015).
  • Review and complete the Work Environment Assessment Template in the Resources.

By Day 3 of Week 7

Post a brief description of the results of your Work Environment Assessment. Based on the results, how civil is your workplace? Explain why your workplace is or is not civil. Then, describe a situation where you have experienced incivility in the workplace. How was this addressed? Be specific and provide examples.


It is crucial to understand the work environment and factors that affect it in order to deduce effective strategies for addressing the issues (Lynette, Echevarria, Sun, & Ryan, 2016). From the Griffin and Clark (2014) work environment assessment, many areas are “somewhat true”, that is, level 4. In all areas, there are points of improvement to make the work environment a better place. The organizational members have a shared mission and vision which is founded on trust, collegiality, and respect. The workplace’s civility levels are high. I would rate them at 8/10. Despite this, due to differences in personalities, perspectives, role conflicts, etc. conflicts are inevitable. At times, the team members disagree on various issues and if the conflicts are not effectively handled, could affect teamwork and collaboration efforts towards the realization of….Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $5