(Solution) Poli 330N Week 3 Assignment: Analyzing Body Language

Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 7, 8
  • Lesson 3
  • APA style manual
  • Citation and Writing Assistance: Writing Papers At CU
  • Library Overview
  • How to Search for Articles – the Everything Tab


Social Movements are only as important as the person leading them. The person(s) leading a social movement must have charisma and be able to captivate an audience. Political scientists and historians are taught to analyze body language, especially during debates and speeches.

For this assignment, you will watch Dr Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream (Links to an external site.) speech and a speech by Alicia Garza of the Black Lives Matter movement (Links to an external site.) and answer questions listed below. Pay special attention to the following aspects in the two speeches.

  • Importance of body language while delivering the speech.
  • Gestures, cadence and delivery style.

Answer the following

  1. Provide a summary of the two speeches.
  2. Compare Dr. King’s leadership, charisma, power and passion to capture his audience to Alicia Garza’s speech. What are the similarities, if any? What are the differences, if any?
  3. How does the location of the speeches support their messaging? Dr. King’s speech was held in a church and at the Lincoln Memorial, whereas today we have social networking and more avenues to relay messages. Does messaging make a difference?
  4. Describe how the audience in Dr. King’s speeches relate to the Alicia Garza’s audience. Do you see a similarity or differences in the speeches and in the audience?

Paper Requirements (APA format)

  • Length: 2-3 pages of substantive content
  • 12 pt font
  • Parenthetical in-text citations included and formatted in APA style
  • References page (a minimum of 2 outside scholarly sources plus the textbook and/or the weekly lesson for each course outcome) . At least one of the references should be a state constitution.
  • Title and introduction pages are present.


Week 3 Assignment: Analyzing Body Language

A social movement is as strong as the leaders. For one, the leaders have a significant impact on the direction of the social movements and their actions. This is evident in social movements such as the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Lives Matter. By nature, social movements are volatile, self-governing, decentralized, and dynamic (Chamberlain University, 2021). Also, participants of such movements are driven by moral claims. Effectiveness of these movements primarily depends on their ability to mobilize social capital, degree of commitment, and in part, their leadership. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the leaders in the Civil Rights Movement. Today, we have the Black Lives Matter Movement. Alicia Garza is one of the movement’s cofounders and leaders. This write-up is a comprehensive analysis of the body language of the two leaders in delivering speeches, significance of location in such speeches, and how the audience relates to the leaders.

Summary of the speeches

In both speeches, the speakers highlight injustices facing the African American community. In his speech, Martin Luther King was addressing an estimated 200,000 people, calling for social, economic, and political justice and equality in the American society. He urged the African American community to keep faith and keep pushing for their rights. As he put it, the community was there to cash its cheque and the bank of justice could not claim to be bankrupt (Rare Facts, 2017). He speaks about his dream for a better American society; one in which…Please click the icon below to purchase full answer at only $10