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if this ever happened it will probably only show up once every 10 days
Please note that this means permanent closure and deletion of your game account. This includes all in-game currency and progress whether paid for or not. Once the game account is deleted it can not be retrieved anymore. In the case that your account is connected to Supercell ID, all other game accounts in other Supercell games connected to the same Supercell ID will also be deleted.
in case if you are feeling this is too hard then don’t worry here is the easiest way
1. Your first Waddle Dee can be rescued by taking on the mini-boss Wild Edge in a brief and easy fight. Choose whether to use bomb or cutter ability (or the stars he drops) to battle him then run over to the cage to free your Waddle Dee pal once this simple battle is complete.
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The other main way of obtaining gems for free is believing in luck and earning some in random boxes. The odds of getting gems this way are slim outside of Mega Boxes, however.
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For purchases made on an iOS device, Supercell is not able to handle refunds directly. Please visit Apple support and select the “Contact iTunes store support” link, then “Purchases, billing and redemption” and choose the option that fits you best.
How to earn gems for free in Brawl Stars?
This one is most likely to fail against: El Primo, Bull, Darryl, Shelly, Frank
A 10% shield is obviously weak, however this would be the first ability to grant shields to teammates. Definitely start small with a mechanic like that.
Different Brawlers have different Super abilities. Supers are mostly used for the following purposes:
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Brawl Stars has been made as a direct, competitive and easy to understand MOBA or Hero Shooter for all those users who are looking at this video game genre for the first time. The idea is to offer solo games and with friends through the Internet of three against three players in a wide variety of ways, but always following a maximum rule: battles only last three minutes or less . As we move forward in your action proposal, we will unlock brawlers , the main characters, who will offer us unique attacks, abilities and strengths. The video game will motivate us to unlockbrawlers , and that in turn we are improving them little by little, making them more efficient and lethal thanks to the strength points. The customization will also be present, as will allow us to add features and exclusive skins to stand above the battle. In addition, like other Supercell titles, we are offered the possibility of joining a club , advancing in the rankings and fighting with other players through the internet.
Where:  St. Jude Hall, 2625 S. Cooper St., Arlington
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Barley, for instance, has a large area of effect Super that covers the ground in flames. Jessie has a stationary, but breakable, turret that will attack you from range. Make a mental note of brawlers’ attacks and Supers so you’ll know what to expect when facing them.
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…the main reason why the game is so attractive
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Brock, Mr. P, Sprout, and Tick are all excellent early-game attackers. With Mr. P, Sprout, and Tick, you may strike from behind cover while avoiding damage and charging the opponent team’s supers. You can keep a safe distance with Brock, and if you employ his incendiary star power, you’ll be able to cause havoc on the opposition team while charging up your super.
Tara is a mythic brawler, and she attacks with the trump cards. If you attack the enemy at close-range, the cards will give more damage, but if you attack in long-range, her attacks are not very effective. 
After you have gotten Penny, your next step is to practice her till you get at a reasonable skill level. Thankfully, LDPlayer can make this entire process much faster and more efficient due to the numerous advantages it features over other platforms. For example, LDPlayer has a complete mouse and keyboard integration and support. This feature lets you completely re-map your keys in Brawl Stars assigning a bind of your comfort to each action in the game, making the game feel like any other stand-alone PC game.
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These codes are used to support a content creator when buying gems, however there are some secret codes that allow us to get 1000 free gems.
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If you tap on your player info in the top left corner of the main screen you’ll find your Trophy Road. This is a long prize track that grants boxes, unlocks events, unlocks brawlers, and more based on your trophy progress.
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As we all know, Brawl Stars is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. As a result, you may get it from any app store on your smartphone. Some Brawl Stars fans like to play the game on their laptop or PC. The issue is that some players are unaware of how to play Brawlers Stars on PC and believe that they cannot download and play this game on PC. However, these folks have the wrong idea. Fans of Brawl Stars may download and play this game on their computer or laptop. They only need to install an Android emulator on their computer. There are numerous free Android emulators available, but the best is the LDPlayer – – free Android emulator.
We can participate in events of Brawl Stars whether on Twitter, YouTube and more, there are many YouTubers of Brawl Stars that they usually do Direct or videos Giving Gems Participate in them!
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Give Eve some time, her full kit isn’t out yet.
Although it may appear cowardly, understanding when to withdraw can often be the difference between winning and losing.
You’ll receive a lot of Brawl Boxes while you play the game, but Big Boxes and Mega Boxes are the greatest method to unlock new Brawlers. Big Boxes will provide you three times as many drops as standard Brawl Boxes, while Mega Boxes will give you ten times as many. Trophy Road, earning Star Tokens, and paying real money in the Shop are all ways to get Big Boxes and Mega Boxes.
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Last but not least, we have the meteor shower modifier, which, as the name suggests, makes meteors rain down on players. They can fall pretty much anywhere on the map, and they deal 2k damage to any Brawler they hit, knocking them back and destroying obstacles. The meteors also interrupt any attack or super the Brawler is using, so steer clear of those. I really don’t feel like this modifier is ideal for solo Showdowns.
They arent, rico and colt are dps aggros and mike is control
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The two multi-shot brawlers are Colt, and Ricochet. Both deal significantly less damage per bullet, but don’t let this lure you into a false sense of caution. When they can connect all of their bullets their damage is extremely high. Their reload speeds are pretty fast allowing them spam attacks more than burst brawlers. Their attacks require good initial aim as well as good tracking to get the maximum damage.
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Do not hesitate to use these tips because you must know that with these, you will win every battle. You must be one step ahead of your opponent to make a good mark in the Brawl City.
Volley Brawl mode is all about landing that ball in the enemy’s territory, and Gale’s Force! is perfect for this purpose. It can push enemies away from the zone and let that ball land without any interference.
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Legendary Brawlers
Après avoir maîtrisé les bases du jeu, voyons maintenant les classes et les rôles de chaque brawlers, comment bien choisir son brawler, comment créer une bonne composition d’équipe et comment gagner les matchs dans les différents modes de jeu : Razzia de gemmes, Prime, Bounty, Brawl Ball et Survivant.
8-BIT has 2 gadgets. ” Cheat Cartridge, the first gadget, allows him to teleport to his damage booster. His second gadget is ” Bonus Ammo “, it increases his next attack by 8-BIT allowing him to fire 3 times more laser beams. This gadget can be very powerful especially if 8-BIT is near his damage booster. An 18 shot attack could easily take out any opposing brawler (if all shots hit).
Misasagi expands its inventory with more vegetables.
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Have you ever wondered how the pros are able to dominate the world rankings? Are they all win-at-all-costs players? What is their formula?
True Silver and True Gold skins are available in quantities of 10,000 and 25,000 coins, respectively.